In I AM, is your true protection

From the “Self” in 8.5.2021

Where would I need sovereingty and protection, because I am not this body, I am not this mind, I AM. So this body is not mine, this mind is not mine, so why should I worry what happens to them? They are God’s, for It to do whatever It likes with them. The only sovereignty I will ever have is the sense of I Am.

So where would I need any protection, if my protection is in the I Am and in the complete trust of the Divine and of the Divine will? That whatever happens to this body, to this mind, it is not mine to deside.

For if I Am, nothing other than what the I AM want’s, can happen to this body, to this mind. So why should I, the small self worry? Why should I, be in the play in the first place?

The small I puts itself in the play and then it thinks, that it is an (f)actor. But it is a fool, it is a whisperer in a theather, that thinks it is running the play. When actually the play gets played without the whisperer. It is a dreamer, who is dreaming of being a participant.

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