Love is the most important thing in human life. You should see your whole life as a lesson of love. Every situation you encounter shows you the way you love. Your spiritual growth should be concentrated on increasing your ability to love, learn to bring love into everything and ultimately to become love. We should not seek the magic; love itself is the magic.

​redlotusLove is your gateway to God. God is love and the more you love the closer you are God, your true being. Because love is God and God is everything you see, everything you see is ultimately love. You are surrounded by love all the time; you don’t need to search for it. Even you are love. Don’t wait the love to find you, it’s in you. Everything else you see is just an illusion.

So often we are waiting the bliss of love to come to us when it’s all the time inside of us. Look from your own heart. Our world would be full of love if we didn’t choose where or how to give it.

​Love is about giving. Even when you let someone love you, you are giving, giving them a chance to give to you. If you only take, you take from yourself. Love feels no separateness, only unity. You should love everything you see and feel. Strangers, animals, trees, wind, your hands and your feet, everything. In unity there is only you and whatever you project love to, you give it to yourself. This way you will find love from yourself. You don’t need anything outer to feel it.

​Love doesn’t own it coexists. It understands that you cannot own yourself, you can only coexist. So love lets go without asking cause it feels no separateness and there for no ownership. Love needs only to be given.

Love has nothing to forgive because it understands that whatever it receives comes from love, from itself. Nor is there anyone to forgive to, for there is only you. Feel the love no matter when or where or how, just feel it. So someday you will be love, your true being, only then can you fully enjoy its bliss.