Daily guiding messages

Sometimes we may feel overwhelmed of how much there is to “do” or remember for our growth and wellbeing. For years I have used daily guiding cards to help me focus on one subject. Ofter, I have found out, it has helped me to survive potential pitfalls of the day or helped me to have courage to do something I might not have done otherwise. It has been like a singpost for the day, as our guides always knows what is set to come, even if we don’t.

Using daily guidance is good for raising your general awareness, as you become more observant and present during the day. So I highly recommend this kind of practice. It is most beneficial when drawn only one message per day and companied by journaling, when you can reflect more deeply the lessons and support you have been given and how you handled the situations.

I have now added to this site 60 guiding messages with different subjects, which are drawn randomly as you enter the page. They are very similar to the ones I have used for years. These messages are short for a reason, to keep you more focused. I may write a longer explanation later for each of these message.

Try not to set your mind about what will be before the day is over, be present.

Get your guidance for today

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