Free distant healing available

If you found this post, please check first the current status from my main healing page.

This healing is not based on any healing method. I feel powerful healing energies flowing through me and sometimes it is like a state of silent prayer. Often I feel the Love pouring through also in my own heart.

I am doing this now because…

I have done distant healing before, but only spontaneously to friends and family or collective healing, where the energy is sent to where it is most needed at that time. Until now, I have not offered personal distant healing to people I don’t know anything about. Although I feel I was asked by Spirit to do this, it is a journey for me too and I am excited to see what comes. ❤

I offer one session a day without a specific time. I will feel the energies “rising” when the time is right. I don’t need to know about your condition, Spirit knows what you need most and the healing energies will help there. There is nothing you need to do to receive it. The less you have expectations, the better the Light Beings can help you to maximum effect.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays and unbooked days, I continue with collective healing. The purpose of these sessions is to uplift the energies on this planet and increase awareness, or help nature survive what it is going through. I was asked to tell that if you wish, you can mentally ask from Spirit to be included in this transmission.

Thank you! I will appreciate your feedback!

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