Magic of music

In January this year a renown composer John Williams was conducting Vienna Philharmonics when they performed his famous movie soundtracks. I wish I could have been there in person, but fortunately our public broadcasting company showed yesterday a recording of this concert.

I have always been a fan of his music. In my eyes he is a modern time Beethoven, a musical alchemist and Merlin who can transform feeling into sound and melody. Who can listen to music of E.T without sensing the adventure and mystery or Schindler’s list without experiencing the collective wound of jews, caused in second world war. His music is probably the most recognizable of our time even among those who have not seen the movies or know who composed the music.

Movie music is by purpose descriptive and composed to move you. Still I was suprised by an emotional outburst I had when The Star Wars main theme was played with full force by a live orchestra. I started to cry. Not your normal cry to song, I know. I have heard this theme countless of times, I am not a big fan of the movie and the orchestra didn’t play it exeptionally well. Still I was reached deep in a place where there was no more feeling of personal self. Something inside was released and I could sense a ”space” within me.

Music is related to hearing, but we often forget that our whole body is listening. Music makes the body vibrate to its beat. This is what music can do at it’s best, bypasses our intellect and reasoning, even emotions and touch us at our deepes level, enabling a release of blocked energies.

I wonder what Kandinsky would have experienced if he was alive and listening to John Williams music, as he was a synesthesic and heard music as colours. For me, there is purity and clarity in the energy of his music and it always takes me to an imaginative adventure, which I enjoy enourmously.

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