Unintentional practicing

I have a shelf full of unread quality books from recycling and wanted to do something about it. So a few months ago I set myself a goal to read a certain number of books by the end of the year.

I also have a library card to public library and when I go there I see shelves full of all kinds of intresting classics, books from renown writers and inviting covers of new books, that everybody wants to read. Me too, all of these and preferably as soon as possible. I loan a book or two.. and make reservations for books not yet publiced. All this on top of what I already had on the shelf, leading to a situation, where I have dosens of books in line waiting to be read and several reservations to books that people que to read.

Few weeks ago my due date was mysteriously moved forward with two working days, twice, right after I had been thinking that my daily reading amount might just be too heavy to finish the books in time. When this happened for the first time, I thought, maybe I just remembered the due date wrongly. After it happened again, with another book, it was not possible to dissregard it anymore. You see, both of these books had reservations, so I could not extend the due date myself.

I started to question, why is Spirit supporting me this strongly to finish these books? Why is this so important, that I get helped?

Then I realized it. I had not JUST been reading books, but doing on the side something quite different.

When I set myself any goal that I am also happy about, what often happens is, that I get inspired, get a plethora of ideas, try to take on too much at once and want to be there already. So I get overwhelmed, get ungrounded, get nothing done, give up, maybe later..

With all the books on the shelf, on loan or in reservation, I had to start planning. How much time will it take to read each book, what would I like to read next, when might the reserved books be available for reading and to avoid reading two similar books in a row.

I have used intuition to save time by estimating when is the best day for pick up, so that I don’t need to make several trips to the library. I have set daily reading goals and schedules, stuck to them and enjoyed the small achivements and steady progress. But at the same time, learned to relax into the present moment and to enjoy the reading itself, without thinking about the end goal, that is a book read.

All that I have been practicing with this seemingly insignificant reading challenge is beneficial in any area of life. The small steps we take everyday have after all the greatest impact in molding our lives. Spirit wants me to have a sense of success, that I keep on practicing and not get disheartened and give up.

What is going on in your life at the moment, that has disguised itself as everyday life, but it actually teaching you something?


I originally intended to post this message two weeks ago, when I felt Spirit asked me to, but I had some issues to deal with and the text needed a finishing touch. My apologies to anyone who would have benefitted it then. However I hope this finds you just in the right time.

With this post I open a new category, which is more related to my daily life and what I learn from that.

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