For people with panic, fear or depression

I have personally gone through panic, fear and depression. All separately at different lifeperiods and different reasons, and I am basically ok these days. So my first message is, there is hope. Whatever you are going through, doesn’t need to be forever! If I got through it, so can you! Just knowing that there are people that have overcome the problem might be of help.

When someone says you while your suffering from depression, or panic attacs that you are responsible for how you feel, it really does not help in that condition. This may only emphisis the problem. The feelings that I am not as I should be, I should be different, society tells me to be different, just pull yourself together, but I can’t, so it is my own fault that I am like this. That is exactly what is difficult at that moment, to be in full control of oneself.

My secret to overcome all of these problems was to stop trying to be in control. Surrender, let go. Allow the fear to come and dessolve, allow the panic to come, allow the depression to be, accept feeling low. There is a saying that the only thing to be afraid is the fear itself, and I have personally experienced this to be true.

From loving acceptance of yourself and whatever is, the will to get better can take place. You seek help or start taking baby steps towards recovery.

Meditation can really help if you are already recovering. Breathing deeply is always good. I also used natural herbs in the beginning to calm my nerves whenever I had to go some difficult place, so that I could have small feelings of success, that I can do this. Then building up from there, slowly reducing the dosage and finally managing without them.

The hardest part is to turn the wheel and you can’t do it by force, but by loving acceptance of yourself and your situation. First acceptance, then really tiny baby steps forward, to get your trust back, and there the wheel has turned and the process will continue at it’s natural pace with your help.

I still get nervous when speaking publicly, but it is guite normal for anyone. I still have fears, but actually less than most people have. I still have heart palpitations, but I let it be, I lie down and wait it to pass by. The fear of dying is not there anymore. I allow it to be, I allow whatever is ment to come, to come. It is almost always a result of me over stepping my boundaries and getting stressed out. And if I have a physical reaction in front of someone, that is ok too, there is nothing to be ashamed of.

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