Dedicate December for practice

Yesterday I was listening to a vedic astrolog speaking about karma and liberation. He said, as is often said, that you can’t get awakened in one day, that it takes work. However I do not believe it to be quite that simple. Not in the way I felt he meant it or as it is often spoken about. From this thought itself can become an obstacle on your path and it does not sound very inspiring either. Then again there is evidence of contrary, people who have experienced great sudden shifts, like Ramana Maharshi or Echart Tolle. Now how can this be?

As I see it, we really don’t know where we are in our spiritual evolution. We really don’t. And no one else can come and tell you that. There are no signs that would point it out for certain. There may be some indications but not necessarily. Nothing, the amout of suffering or blessings, the amout of spiritual gifts, or are you ”good or bad” in the eyes of society, nothing that you do at the moment or who you are will tell you that. That is only for Spirit to know.

I do belive however that work is needed from our part, but you may not know all the work that you have already done and all that you have experienced in previous lifes. We humans in our linear world are so used to setting goals and then striving to attain them, but with spirituality it is a bit different, we really don’t know where the goal stands in relation to us. Mostly we only have experience of this individual self and of what has happened to it, but our soul is much more complex and beautiful. It can have multiple existences at the same time, all working simultaniously to evolve. So, we really can not know, else we would know everthing that has ever happened or ever will happen to this soul, and then our existence would be Spirit itself.

Only Spirit knows when is our time to make those next huge leaps of progress and awakening. Only Spirit knows when the last drop that is needed falls into the cup and it starts to overflow. And this drop might just be your next meditation, a kind act to another or even just one loving or forgiving thought. So always believe that great progress is possible for you, right now, no matter what you are going through.

Just like I was inspired by Spirit, I encourage you too, to use your time in December to do as much spiritual practice as you can and to work with yourself. Go for a meditative walk without a phone and just look around and feel the breeze on your skin, spend time in prayer, keep a journal, meditate more, sing devotional songs or do whatever you feel is the best way for you to be with your Self and Your Spirit. I am asked to tell you that this is what Spirit truly wishes from us now!

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