Today I would like to give you, instead of my views, something to ponder yourself. This came to me few days ago and I thought it was pretty profound. The inevitability of everything, based on where we “are” at any given moment…

If it happened, it had to happen or else it would not have happened.
If it is happening, it has to happen or else it would not be happening.
If it has to happen, it will happen.
So why resist, why worry?

What does this evoke in you?

Surrendering and free will

Some feel that by surrendering their will to Higher Power they would loose something, but here exactly lies the truth and essence of free will, will you surrender or not? In this one question! For in reality there are no two, but One, and the One you surrender to is You. You can hold on to the false sense of freedom or seek the true freedom of complete acceptance. Isn’t IT cleaver, hidden in full view.

Set no limitations

Don’t waste any more time, use every day as it would be your last. The present moment is the only tool you will ever have to create what you desire. Sometimes it’s ok to watch a movie (for exmple), it may lift you up spiritually. Most of the time, however, it is just entertainment to the bored mind which does not want you to look at it and see what it really is about, a liar and a cheat. Continue reading “Set no limitations”