Mind (republishing an old channelling)

Written on 30.12.2001 by getting in touch with the “Self”.

You are not separate. You are always in God. Therefore there is nothing to fear, there is nothing that could threaten you, because everything is already a part of you.

Everything that happens to you is a reflection of your own state of mind. Love or fear. The reason for every event is to make you aware of your own fears which prevents you from seeing your true being. Fear is just an illusion and there is nothing to fear except the feeling of fear itself.

Your soul is one with God. Only your mind creates this separateness. Concentrate on observing only yourself. Use your mind to get rid of it. Your world is what your mind creates it to be. So change your idea about the world and your world will change.

To understand free will, you would have to understand who is the one that wants. Your mind, your soul or God. In reality all these are one. True choise of free will is, whether you want to continue the feeling of separateness or give your will to God and become one with him. That is why true happiness can be found only by surrending to God’s will, by giving away the will of the mind.

Fear can never win, in the end it is sentenced to lose. Fear is just an illusion created by your mind and an illusion can never win reality. Your mind strives to get experiences from outside world because it is afraid of losing itself, afraid of the power that seeing your own real divinity gives. Your mind can exist only in separateness and therefore it is stuggling for survival.

Your mind strives to find love from outside because it thinks it is separate from it. In reality Love is always with you, it is your true nature.

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