Know yourself

If you let, diary can become your best friend. The one you can tell all your sorrows and joys without any fear of judgement or rejection. A mirror of yourself that reflects only what you pour into it. Look at this mirror and it will give you self understanding beyond any other method. Nobody else will be able to tell what you feel, what you think, who you really are inside.

pexels-photo(1)When you gain this kind of understanding a certain amount of self-confidence and honesty will follow naturally. Honesty towards yourself and others, which will benefit all your relationships and shine trough everything that you do. You will be stronger to face the challenges of life that are inevitable. You know who you are and what are your true needs. You will see better your place and purpose in this life. That will give you feelings of belonging and surrender and lead to happiness. Maybe you are even able to see larger patterns and scales, which will increase your general understanding of life.

After taking the time to sort out your thoughts and feelings this way, you are freed to concentrate on observing your reactions in everyday situations, see behind them and find their true sources. Little by little you will become free of your own flawed ideas created by fears and previous experiences. You are freer to act because you are not stuck by your mind and it’s believes. Your mind will stay clear because you have no need to dwell in problems. When your mind is clear you open the door for the Love that surrounds us all the time to come in.

Aim to write about the feelings that a situation arouses more than about that situation itself. God can teach the same thing with numerous different ways, always trying to show you the difference between love and fear.

Have courage to make that diary all about you. I guarantee that eventually you will be surprised by realization that you already know how to love. Because you already are Love.