For grounding, nervousness or before meditation

This exercise is good for the nerves, for grounding and will be beneficial if you plan to do a lot of meditation. It will also help to release emotions, as any kind of body shaking generally will.

It will take in total 15 minutes or 10 if done before meditation.

Take your shoes off, if you are wearing them (socks are ok).
Stand with your legs hip wide apart, toes pointing straigh forward.
Bend you knees slighly and keep you upper body relaxed.

The first 5 minutes:
For this whole time, remember to keep your upper body relaxed and soles firmly on the ground.
Start to shake your body in vertical direction by bending your knees and using your leg muscels.
You can vary the speed of shaking, or slighty change the body weight from one leg to another, but don’t sway too much or lift your feet or move them.
This should be an upright momevent and the top of your head moving up and down. Keep shaking this way for the whole five minutes without stopping.

Next 5 minutes:
When you have finished shaking, start walking normally in the space where you are. Keep walking the whole five minutes.

Last 5 minutes or meditation
You can either sit on the ground in silence or start meditating (better if your sitting bones are close to ground, like on a pillow)

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