Headache as a spiritual practice

Yesterday, starting right from the moment than I woke up I felt nauseated, had a headache and felt pressure around my head. I could hardly do anything other than just be and sleep the whole day. I rarely have headaches but when I do, it is a sign that something needs to be balanced. In the light of todays events, volcanic erruptions and earthtquakes, it seems that it was partly due to Earths activity and so was also collective and not just my personal energy.

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Excercise to releace nervousness, grounding or before meditation

I remembered today an exercise, that some performers use before going on stage. It is good for the nerves, for grounding and will be beneficial if you plan to do a lot of meditation now. It will also help to release emotions, as any kind of body shaking generally will.
When I first did this exercise years ago on a dance improvision class, it was like walking on a soft moss and I felt peacefull afterwards.

It has now been added here