Headache as a spiritual practice

Yesterday, starting right from the moment than I woke up I felt nauseated, had a headache and felt pressure around my head. I could hardly do anything other than just be and sleep the whole day. I rarely have headaches but when I do, it is a sign that something needs to be balanced. In the light of todays events, volcanic erruptions and earthtquakes, it seems that it was partly due to Earths activity and so was also collective and not just my personal energy.

Instead of just taking medicine right away, I usually treat a headache as an invitation from the Spirit to have myself a more peacefull and quieter mind. This way it becomes as a stepping stone, something that forces me to pay uninterrupted attention to my thoughts and bodys relaxation. Headache is like an indicator, whenever a thought enters the mind, or tension in the body is back, so is the headache.

Meditation was not possible during the headache, so I payd close attention the whole day to keep my shoulders relaxed and observed my mind and the ache. I slept a lot, read a book and listened to an audiobook (I recommend The Midnight Library) while being all the time aware of my inner state. By the end of the day the headache was gone and I was feeling very concentrated, relaxed and meditative.

There are also many other natural ways to get rid of the headache like acupressure, but in this way you can use even a headache as a spiritual practise. If you can do this, it will increace your mental clarity, energy levels and this kind of practice will make you mentally stronger. If you can bear the little uncomfort that follows, it is like going to the gym of the mind.

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