Distant energy healing

I currently continue with collective distant healing on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Sometimes other days too. I was asked to tell that if you wish, you can mentally ask from Spirit to be included in this transmission to get healing.

The main purpose of these sessions is to uplift the energies on this planet and increase awareness, or help nature survive what it is going through.

This healing is not based on any method. I feel powerful healing energies flowing through me and sometimes it is like a state of silent prayer. Often I feel the Love pouring through my own heart also.

The most likely time of day is between 5-7 pm EET. I will feel the energies “rising” when the time is right. If you join in, I don’t need to know about your condition, Spirit knows you and your situation completely and what you need the healing for most. There is nothing you need to do to receive it. The less you have expectations, the better the Light Beings can help you. Just relax and receive.

If you wish for a private healing session, you can ask if it is possible, by contacting me with this form. I am also very happy to hear about any experience you might have had from collective healing session

Thank you! Your feedback is appreciated!

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