The diversity of truth

Whatever you read from this site, wheather it is chanelled or my thoughts, I want you to understand the following I believe in and do my best to internalize in my own life…

Even if, in a sense, whatever I am writing here says ”it is so”, I want to say now, it is not solely so. Something else that seems to be completely opposite can also ”be so” at the same time. It is always dependent of the perspective and the level of consciousness, from whichs the things are viewed from. There are many other point of views, many other explanations, so many other interpretations and experiences that might seem to be in complete contradiction to what is written here (or anywhere else for that matter), but I am not saying that they can not also be parts of the wholeness of the Truth.

All the information we are given is linked to, is depending of the state of our consciousness, a point of view we are taking, our own consepts, our own comprehension and our own limitations. So when we change, when our consciousness changes, the understanding changes, the explanation changes, the point of view changes, and it might sound something complete different even if it is ALSO so. This is the diversity and complexity of being human and of our level of mental understanding.

A practical example of this. Think that you are standing on a square. You are taking photos from all angles, of the buildings, the details, the people. And when you show these photos to someone else, they may not even recognice that they are all taken from that same square. Only someone who has been on that square themselves, experienced it in its totality will see that, yes they are different photos but, they are all parts of the one wholeness that forms the square. Mostly we only can see these separate shots of this one truth, one spirit, wholeness and unity, untill we get to stand on that square ourselves. Life will be a never ending journey of discoveries if you stay open and not get fixated to only one point of view.

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