Theory of free will

For the one that has a seemingly free will the will is not fully free and the one who’s will is fully free, he does not exist anymore – by ”Anu”

For long I have been contemplating this subject, like so many others, trying to find the missing pieces from my understanding. Do we really have a free will? How free is our will when we clearly are not free? If everybody has a free will, how can it all fit together? If we all in reality are one, how can we have a freedom to choose?

Few weeks back I finally got some coherent understanding that is suited for my current state of counsciousness. You see, one part of it why this is such a difficult subject to get a grasp on, is because the ”truth” of it varies depending on from which state of counsciousness we are looking at it. And therefore two seemingly different explanations can be and are true at the same time. It is all dependent of our internal world and what we indentify ourselves to be. This is what I got as a flash of understanding and I partly channeled when I wrote it down (not in english originally)

(an individual here means the small self that identifies itself with the mind and emotions i.e. ego)

Free will exists for the individual, like time and karma, but when the illusion of individuality dissapears there is no free will either. So free will is ultimately an illusion, similarly than individuality and time.

Individuality is a misplased identity or identification. As long as you identify yourself with the small self, every choise that you make is conditioned. So fully ”free” our will is not, for as an individual you are bound by your desires, likes, dislikes, fears, karma and so on. So you are always ”free” to choose within a certain limited frame and even then your choise is always ultimately only relative to that present moment and the inner and outher condisions that are prevailing at that time. And the choise is always between more freedom (love) or fear. Will you choose to continue creating more of your individual ”experience” or not.

For yes, you are the creator of your own life, but that is within the experiential world of an individual. And in every moment you ”choose” if you continue to reinforse the illusion of separateness or will you aim towards a greater sense of unity, when therefore the illusion of individuality will slowly drop away and along that the freedom to choose and free will will loose their meaning, when the underlying unity of all becomes more visible.

For if there is no time, there is no possibility for an individual to really “choose”, for everything is present here and now simultaneously. Everything that has ever happened, everything that ever will happen in the reality of all who experience oneself as an individual. Where then is the choise, other than in this moment, and in will you choose to drop away the illusion of individuality and time. So as long as you have the illusion of being an individual, you will have the illusion of time and free will.

So use your free will for what it was intended for, that is to become free, towards greater freedom from the shackels of your mind, in every moment of your life.

There is only one ultimate choise to be made, to give up the freedom to choose. That is the end of the small self, that is the end of karma and that is the end of time. And from there begins the Eternity, just for You, your Self in the Love.

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