Free will vs Freedom in choice

First I want to make clear that I am not denying or taking away anybody’s free will or freedom to make choices. I want to bring forward an important clarification between the difference of having a free will as a human being and being free. These two are not the same thing and that is important to understand.

When we are talking about free will, we often mean a freedom to make internal or external choices. Yes, you make choices, but are your choices based on true freedom or are they conditioned? So when talking about free will, we cannot forget the consept of what being truly free means, internal freedom from all desires, needs and fears. So the exercise of free will does not mean that you are free. For most often our choices are based on and are conditioned by internal or external influences. Our choices get clouded by desires, fears, likes or dislikes etc.

Having a free will is not a free ticket to operate in this world either. That is not what it means. It does not mean that when we have made a choice that the Universe will always let us follow that through. We are however always fully free to show to the Universe what would our choice be. What is our judgement at that specific moment. Our choices are statements that tell of our current understanding and level of freedom. We show to the Universe where we are currently standing.

So to exercise our free will is actually like a meter of the level of our true freedom. Of freedom, which means that our choices are not based on any internal or external conditioning. True freedom, where we are operating from a place of acceptance and stillness aka divine inspiration and internal knowingness, where ultimately there will be no need to make choices. And this difference between being free in choice and having a free will, is very, very important to understand.

Because only by seeing and accepting of why and how, even with a free will and freedom to choose, you are not free at your current state, is the first step into true freedom, which will be a never ending journey to discovering of who you truly are.

As a side note, I want to say, that this post is by no means any kind of statement to the current ..ovid situation. If you want to use it to reflect life choices that may now be thrown at you, feel free to do so. You will have to dig deep to see what true freedom in that means for you. Hopefully you feel no internal pressure or fear.

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