Why meditation can be your greatest service to humanity

The essential purpose of meditation is to be your gateway back to the Source. And aiming to unite with the Source, ”God”, therefore meditation, can be your greatest service to humanity and here is why.

Firstly, your desire to gain union with the Source is a massive pull within the collective field, that will drag it towards the Source and therefore benefits many.
Secondly the path of liberation itself is a path of unselfishness. You simply can not seriously seek to unite with the Source that is pure Love and maintain a selfish attitude. It is simply not possible. As a result of this your compassion and therefore desire to be of service will likely increase.

By meditation you influence not only your own energetic field but also the collective energetic field. And as in all creation, there is first an energetic imprint that can take a form either as a thought or directly manifesting in the material plane. So working directly on the energetic plane is more efficient than working on the material plane aka service with the body. It is not irrelevant just because you can not wittness the results directly. Due to its preventive nature a result ”it never happened” is possible. And then again, you can never claim that the two, energy and materia would be separate, because all that materia really is, is condenced energy.

However they are both important, both for your own development and as a service and are ideally practised in some form. Ultimately these two can compine and you are in constant meditative state while operating as a pure energetic field serving the world.

And as writing this, I am fully aware of the challenges and obstacles that have recently been in my way to practise meditation regurlarly.

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