Mystery of existence

Originally written down on 1st of June in 2013 in other language

Everything in this material world can be stripped down to energy. Therefore mindreading is not a mystery, appearance of a disease is not a mystery. But that what moves this energy, makes it take different forms, is a mystery. Human consciousness is a mystery. A thought is not a mystery, it is just one form of energy affecting everything around, and as such is a part of the wholeness and in constant interaction with it.

Do you really have a possibility to influence the process as long as you are part of it? While reflecting this forget your individual existence for a moment and see yourself as a part of the wholeness. See yourself as an outside observer, as part of a group that expands and expands until it includes everything in the existing universe. What in this wholeness is or can be separate in its existence from everything else?

So what is the original impulse, the power behind everything that rules this wholeness? Isn’t only possibility to see the human consciousness. Mind has the ability to ”rise” or withdraw from movement into a state of witnessing. Into a state of silence, where all movement ceases, or where it does not exist. But where then is the doer? Who are you then? If from that state you then move or witness a movement, create a thought, that is move energy, it is a much more powerful  ”act” than any reactivity.

The Greatest mystery is that the observer is not separate from the energy, but you can witness the observer in the energy. Who are you then other than God Itself.

So true mysteries are, not matter, but consciousness and time.

Time is a rather relative experience. Everyone growing older knows that. Everyone who has seen to the past or future knows that. So what is time? Time and energy movement, what is the relation between these two?

Karma is not personal punishment but a reactive consequence to an event. If you identify with the action, you identify with the consequence. When you stop identifying with the action, also the consequence will lose it’s meaning at an individual level.

The secret of all that exists is in the depth of human consciousness. The power of true love is, that it springs from a deep silence without being reactive, its direction is from inside out.

The real freedom of a man can only be in an answer to a question, what do I want to be? Here lies man’s only freedom. Everything else outside of it is reactive. That is the only purpose of existence. Every life experience or possible “missions” are only mirrors for yourself, where ever you direct your attention. Until you look inside, where there is no more reflection, nothing to reflect your existence from, but the existence itself.

Everything in life and death is to be understood through this.

= >And once again we come to the conclusion why acceptance and relaxation is so vital. Acceptance leads to relaxation that leads to free flow of energy that leads to full vital power and free flow of events as according to reactive laws that lead eventually to stillness as karmic reactive powers finally wipe out. A wish is an action but more relevant than the action itself is who is the doer, what is your experience when this thought is being formed. Are you in the state of witnessing or inside the energy flow as an active thinker?

Acceptance is a high state of consciousness where everything is allowed to flow through you instead of interference. And it has eventually very little to do with what is actually happening. It means stepping back, not as a doer in a sense of bodily actions, but in a sense of consciousness, in a sense of state of mind.

What we see as good or bad? Only when we look into the core of issues and strip them down into as original pieces as possible, it is possible to understand the function of its parts. And yet again we come back to the question; who are you?

Is your action based on something… a part of your existence that you feel you are… motivated by fears, a need to protect your individual existence? This is true in everything, collecting material, believes, physical existence. Everything you feel that you are. And the World is just a mirror, a reflection of your internal world where ironically you can witness also the reflections of other individuals experiencing separation, but do not understand it’s relevance in the reactive wholeness, and therefore perceive disasters and others as bad.

Karma and the universe? If you expand this thought then doesn’t it become impossible the thought that you could have any power in this chain of events. And yet it is all happening within you right now, because there is no time. What a mystery! The miracle of existence. ❤