Only one dollar

Lately the events to and around me, have made me think hard about the value of money and it´s relativeness. The amount of money you have does not alone make you rich or poor. You also have to take account it´s value, what can you get with it.
In western countries you don´t get much with just one dollar. You probably spend this amount every day for various reasons.

But in Asia, where there are really poor people, and that´s why for example child prostitution or labour is a real problem, with a dollar per month you pay one little child’s school year. And by giving them a chance to learn reading and writing you may change the whole direction of their life.

What is the value of the money you have ?
What if at least once instead of counting “I have only one dollar” you would count “I have one child”
This child is in your hands,
everyday !