Daily guiding messages

Sometimes we may feel overwhelmed of how much there is to “do” or remember for our growth and wellbeing. For years I have used daily guiding cards to help me focus on one subject. Ofter, I have found out, it has helped me to survive potential pitfalls of the day or helped me to have courage to do something I might not have done otherwise. It has been like a singpost for the day, as our guides always knows what is set to come, even if we don’t.

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Bose Einstein condensate

Bose Einstein condensate is a state of matter that has now been verified with light particals also in room temperature by Aalto University.

Some of the mysteries of quantum physics are the coherence of seemingly distant particles and the effect of an observer to particals behaviour.  Sciense is slowly getting there.


Have you seen how a school of fish swims? Sometimes making spirals, then rushing in different directions, forming groups.

Imagine light particles that dance in the air. See in your mind how these constantly moving light objects are drawn to each other like a magnet and forming in front of your eyes something resembling a human shape, then in a fraction of a second, separating from each other again.



Love ..thy will be done

Sometimes I catch myself humming a song in my head. Often a one that suprises me for I have not heard it for ages. Usually it comes with a feeling of clarity and presence, a feeling that ‘someone’ has a message for me.  So I go and find the lyrics, what they are about.

This morning that song was “Love, Thy will be done” by Martika.

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