Your life has a meaning

Because I see so many people searching the meaning of their lives or asking does it even exist, I decided to say few words about that here. This is partly from a letter I wrote to a dear friend of mine…

How could we know what real strength means if we never have been weak. How could we ever learn to value the people in our lives if we never needed them. These are the only ways to learn what and who really has worth to us.

Your life has a meaning. Take all the talents and capacity you have, and add the strength that you have gained when struggling with your weaknesses and you will know your mission. With the compassion and understanding that your own difficulties have given to you, you need to spread the love you have inside, not just to a lover, but to every people you meet.

We need to struggle to stay humble, because only a humble heart can give real love.
Start little by little. With a caring look to a stranger, with a hug to your friend. Understand that behind every harsh word or cranky old lady, there is only hurt and uncertainty, a human in need of love, nothing more…

All the experiences that you have had so far are leading you somewhere. It is like a puzzle where you put all the little pieces together to see the whole picture or at least to have a climbs of it. And ask yourself, what do I really want to do, what do I like to do. Then give your whole heart to it.

Just remember, what ever happens, you are never alone. You have your guides and your angel, even if you don´t always believe in that, they are still there and loving you.