New shirts

I brought couple of new shirts today, which I don’t do often, because I try to cut my consuming to minimum and find other ways to look nice. But sometimes I feel like I need something new.  I noticed that I was starting to feel bad about it. I remembered all the people who live out there without daily food. But my bad conscience would not have helped anybody, on the contrary. I am not perfect and I have to accept that I never will be.

I solved my problem by reminding myself of all the people that have made it possible for me to buy these products. It requires thousands of peoples work to get even one shirt available for me. Starting from the people who cultivate the cotton, not to forget the nature who provides the opportunity for it.

Then there are the handlers, those who colour the cotton and spin it. Those who design the clothes and those who cut and sew them. Then the warehouse people and distribution people. People who buy them to these shops and last the cashier.
I thanked all the people or groups I could think of, individually, for their work. I said thank you to God and asked him to bless them all. Then I remember that I need money to buy. So I started to thank my boss who hired me and all my colleges who keep the company running and our customers… I could have gone on and on…

If you think of this carefully, you see that none of us can function without the others. We are tightly combined to one an other. We are one big family. Every time when we buy something, be it clothes or food, what ever, it is good to remember that it is not self-evident that you can walk in to the store and buy what you need. It involves thousands of others and their hard work.