What happened to religion?

I have been saddened and numbed by the developments of this week.
Lots of lives where lost and a lot of misery created, but mostly because never in my lifetime has hatred on this planet been so evident. Never has it shown it’s face so clearly. Is this really what we have become to ? My heart is crying and I feel helpless. I try to understand and forgive. I can only pray for us all, for the victims as well as the terrorists, we are all together in this.

Killing in the name of religion is never justified. Isn’t your God the creator of us all ? If you limit your God to love you more than your neighbour, your limit your God to the level of your own mind. We are all his equal children. Would a father want a son to attack an other in any circumstance. No ! He would ask to be tolerant, loving and to forgive.

People have become so blinded by their own believes that they can not separate God from their mind. We all have our own God no matter what our religion is. We create the picture of him from our comprehension.

We need the security these believes give us, but they can become our worst enemy if we never question them. A true believer never limits himself but is in constant search of truth. With out it, there will be no development, no growth. Religion’s purpose was to teach us to give ourselves totally to God. What have we done with it ? We have taken it as a weapon to gain even greater control and power. But we can not control God, we can only surrender. We have to understand that these terrorists really believe that they are on a missionary. To find forgiveness you will have to try to see this world as they see it. They don’t understand else. Would you punish a child who doesn’t understand or would you love him and teach him with your example?

True religion was never more than love for one an other. This is what you should practice. For where there is love, there is God. Where there is hatred, there is the mind.
Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantih !
(peace, peace, peace)