Every moment is that choise

(Me thinking) Sometimes when I think of Love it feels like if I only would allow myself to love, love to express itself in me fully, it would take me over completely, explode and expand my entire being as nonexistent. Why is it so sweetly painful?

Forgive yourself. Accept the choises that you have made. Would you really have had a chance to choose otherwise? One moment counts, every moment is that one moment. Every moment of your life is that choise. And its true form is internal. So could you have chosen otherwise based on who you where at that moment? This is the most relevant question. Who you where at that moment? It is not relevant who you want to be on the material level but as a human being? Every time you encounter problems you can reflect this question. And surely you will have them. No human can survive life without problems. Comforting isn’t it? So leave behind envy and competition and accept yourself as you are. Allow love to flow from you and to you.