Set no limitations

Don’t waste any more time, use every day as it would be your last. The present moment is the only tool you will ever have to create what you desire. Sometimes it’s ok to watch a movie (for exmple), it may lift you up spiritually. Most of the time, however, it is just entertainment to the bored mind which does not want you to look at it and see what it really is about, a liar and a cheat. Motivation is needed and it will come from faith in your own possibilities. Your only motivation to anything is faith, a belief in a possible outcome.

Set no limitations to what can be and how. God has infinite ways to make something happen. Just be open and trusting. Do not create mental images and limitation for your future progress. Always see the light ahead. Everything is always heading to your happiness. Only your own judgment can prevent you from seeing this and hinder you from acting when it is needed.

Your mind is a liar and a cheat. It will always tell you that you are missing something that could make you happy or do what you really want to do. All you need is to find the tools to start with.

Start to work with what you have by having faith that you have right now everything you need in this moment. Wishing or waiting for something else to arrive first will only prevent you from moving forward. You can always work only with what you have at any given moment. Find a way, find your current gifts and desires and start using them in however a small way.

Trust that you have always done the best you could have done. Forgive yourself whatever mistakes you feel you have made. You will find your destination when you are ready for it. The world has innumerable options to take a form so do not miss the lost, but trust that when you are ready, you will receive your desire. Your every wish is always, always heard and only a contradictory factor within you may prevent it from manifesting. So everything will come at its rightful timing.

The best way to change outer circumstances is to change your own attitude. There are no limitations how things could happen when you gain inner acceptance. Making a wish on your own behalf will most likely be a violent act towards others. Miraculous solutions can appear, that will benefit everyone, when we change the inner world instead of fighting against the outer. Why? Because what an outer world could ever be anything other than a reflection of our inner state.

Are you just trying to find acceptance, feel appreciated? Make self-acceptance and appreciation, as you are in a current moment, your main goal and see what happens. If you then find yourself in a limelight it will never affect you or mislead you from yourself. Others opinions will never break or shake or lift you. You are what you are and you know what you are. Acceptance of yourself will liberate you from pleasing others to be your true self.