You don’t need to lear how to manifest, because you are already manifesting all the time. You can not be without manifesting. Your every thought and emotion influences your life, the way you experience it. So start to get to know yourself, heal unhealed emotions, know your fears and true wishes, why and how things are happening or not happening. Then step aside and let God/Universe bring you your hearts wishes.

In this way we clear away blockeges and become aware of our true desires, who we really are and what we have come here to do. There will be room for things to start happening. If we use more will power, we might run after things that are not good for us, we don’t really want or we are not yet ready for. And the cycle never ends. Heal yourself first and see how things start to happen in natural alignment with the universe. You’ll be in awe of the flow.

If our wish is benefitial for us as well as for others, it will come rather easily, if we are ready for it.

What does being ready mean? To believe it is possible, being at the right mindset to receive it, being emotionally mature to receive it.

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