Use a quarrel for good

We live in a volatile time of change so if you are having a quarrel with someone like I have been having the past week, don’t worry about it too much. It is not necessarily a bad thing, if you are willing to work with it, don’t shy away from it and try to stay consious while mainteaining the attitude of respect for yourself as well as for the other party.

To work with it means you try to concentrate on yourself and what is going on within YOU instead of giving too much attention to the other person and what they are doing. Just try to concentrate within and see what is triggering you, what is it that really triggers you?

When we argue, we are actually showing ourselves where are our limits and where are our limitations. It will define us, where we are at this present moment, where we still have work to do with acceptance, where are we still resisting. It is an attempt to push away something that arises to the field of our consiousness. A quarrel with another is actually a quarrel with ourselves, what is it that is hard for me to accept.

If you always only avoid arguing, maybe you are avoiding to face yourself as you are. Quarrel can be beneficial if you can overcome this obstacle within, that it is pointing out. And when you can truly overcome it, there will be no hard feelings left.

Remember only acceptance is freedom. Because there is no need to change anything, there is no need to defend. So only when you are in full acceptance the need to argue dissapears. A quarrel can be a great purifier. The energy of fight is fire, and fire by nature burns away that which is no longer needed. Is fight always necessary? No, if you can find acceptance before it arises.

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