Free distant healing available

If you found this post, please check first the current status from my main healing page.

This healing is not based on any healing method. I feel powerful healing energies flowing through me and sometimes it is like a state of silent prayer. Often I feel the Love pouring through also in my own heart.

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Daily guiding messages

Sometimes we may feel overwhelmed of how much there is to “do” or remember for our growth and wellbeing. For years I have used daily guiding cards to help me focus on one subject. Ofter, I have found out, it has helped me to survive potential pitfalls of the day or helped me to have courage to do something I might not have done otherwise. It has been like a singpost for the day, as our guides always knows what is set to come, even if we don’t.

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Surrendering and free will

Some feel that by surrendering their will to Higher Power they would loose something, but here exactly lies the truth and essence of free will, will you surrender or not? In this one question! For in reality there are no two, but One, and the One you surrender to is You. You can hold on to the false sense of freedom or seek the true freedom of complete acceptance. Isn’t IT cleaver, hidden in full view.