Today I would like to give you, instead of my views, something to ponder yourself. This came to me few days ago and I thought it was pretty profound. The inevitability of everything, based on where we “are” at any given moment…

If it happened, it had to happen or else it would not have happened.
If it is happening, it has to happen or else it would not be happening.
If it has to happen, it will happen.
So why resist, why worry?

What does this evoke in you?


You don’t need to lear how to manifest, because you are already manifesting all the time. You can not be without manifesting. Your every thought and emotion influences your life, the way you experience it. So start to get to know yourself, heal unhealed emotions, know your fears and true wishes, why and how things are happening or not happening. Then step aside and let God/Universe bring you your hearts wishes.

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No one to blame

This is what I have been pondering today. When something goes ”wrong” it’s very common for us to try to find somebody to blame, to find a reason for that what happened. We blame ourselves or we blame the other/others. But in my experience, when I have looked back, I have always, always found things that I maybe could have done differently (but then again couldn’t, see every moment is that choise) and where the other/others could have acted differently to stop the chain reaction, because that’s what it always is, a chain reaction.

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Use a quarrel for good

We live in a volatile time of change so if you are having a quarrel with someone like I have been having the past week, don’t worry about it too much. It is not necessarily a bad thing, if you are willing to work with it, don’t shy away from it and try to stay consious while mainteaining the attitude of respect for yourself as well as for the other party.

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Excercise to releace nervousness, grounding or before meditation

I remembered today an exercise, that some performers use before going on stage. It is good for the nerves, for grounding and will be beneficial if you plan to do a lot of meditation now. It will also help to release emotions, as any kind of body shaking generally will.
When I first did this exercise years ago on a dance improvision class, it was like walking on a soft moss and I felt peacefull afterwards.

It has now been added here